Managing with SCA

Spino-Cerebellar Ataxia 3(SCA3) - Machado-Joseph Disease

Treatment and Management of Ataxia

There is currently no cure for ataxia but number of treatments  are available to manage the symptoms associated with Ataxia.

Symptoms of ataxia include motor imbalnce, muscle spasms, tremors, bladder problems, abnormal eye movements and depression and your Neurologist should be able to advise you on the treatment options.


Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy

Physiotherapy and strengthening exercises can improve imbalance and gait issues by preventing loss of strength and preserve mobility.

Speech therapy has also proved effective in helping patients with speech problems.

Exercise and Physical Activity

There is a good evidence to suggest that  patients who are physically active and exercise  can better cope with the disease than those who live sedentary lives.

New research suggests that exercising legs is crucial for brain health. In fact, exercising leg muscles helps the brain to produce new neurons, the study suggests. The findings help researchers to better understand the progression of neurological and motor neuron diseases.


For instance, some studies have shown that exercise can induce neurogenesis — meaning that it can help the brain to form new nerve cells —and could potentially  counter the effects of nreuodegenerative diseases to some extent.




We strongly recommend all patients to register and support following leading charities helping people affected by Ataxia. 




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